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Sometimes I hide

Sometimes I hide

Sometimes I hide Because I’m too shy to express my love Afraid of being rejected Because I was before Sometime I hide Because my feelings for you Are all the more overwhelming For myself Sometimes I hide Because I don’t want to stand in your way I want to give you...

Offering Compassion

Offering Compassion

Offering compassion, Giving someone care and support, Is all about feelings. To share your feelings of love, With someone who feels pain. It’s not so much about materialistic things, Or actual doing things. It’s not about what you give, But about how you wish the...

I float in the void

I float in the void

I float in the void. I don’t know who I am. If people ask me to tell about myself, I can only say that I don’t know. I don’t have an answer. People get uncomfortable. They frown at me. Keep asking, But But But But what is your job? But what do you do? No, there is no...

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