My approach is holistic and intuitive.
It’s knowledge, combined with experience.
It can be one method, or a combination of different techniques.
I choose what’s most suited and beneficial for you, in this moment

“It’s all about devoting yourself to the present in front of you.


Yoga is not something that you do.
Yoga is something that you are.
Yoga is what we all are.
Everything is yoga.

In Sanskrit, the original language of yoga, yoga means union.
Oneness. Yoga is the teaching to remind us of our own wholeness.
The only place where this can be found is inside us. The journey within.
It has nothing to do with being excellent in postures
or meditating in perfect stillness for hours.

An asana (posture), a meditation or a kriya (cleansing technique) are the tools of yoga to guide us back to who we are. To remember our own wholeness. Yoga is an internal practice.
It’s you learning, from you. You learning, from your experience.
External teachers can guide you, can show you the way.
But your own feelings, thoughts and emotions
are your only true teachers.

YinWhat makes yoga so unique, effective and accessible is the fact that it’s experiential.
You’ll have to go through a practice to understand what it says.
You’ll embody the practice, because you’ll find out yourself.
Yoga says: Don’t believe anybody. Just try and verify.

Yoga teaches you to bring back your power. Not the power to be stronger than other people.
Your true power is found in realizing that external competition doesn’t exist.
If you feel you have to compete against other people,
only means you are in competition with yourself.
Yoga is here to remind us
that we are all unique.


Kundalini Yoga

There is no yoga like Kundalini yoga! 
What a journey Kundalini Yoga took me on.
A complete transformation and deep love story.
It may look and feel crazy, but the results are profound.
You’ll have the opportunity to break through your resistance.
And if you dare to do so, ecstasy is waiting for you. No doubt about that.

In Kundalini Yoga we use the body as a gateway to enter the deeper layers of the mind.
By restructuring, opening and strengthening your nerves system (nadi’s), we connect to our energy body, the subtle version of you. We use the power of prana (breath), mantra’s (words), bhanda’s (locks) and mudra’s (hand gestures) to reach your sub consciousness mind.
Here your conditionings, believes and patterns are stored.
Now we can drop and clear all what’s not serving you.

Kundalini Yoga guides you to the space beyond your body and mind.
It connects you with the part of you that remains after you die, to the deathless part.
To your essence. Firstly, you’ll experience this on the mat.  After a while this connection will become so strong that your whole experience of life becomes more open and deeper.
Kundalini Yoga is called the yoga of awareness.
Every class will take you on a little journey.
When practiced with dedication,
it will transform you in ways
you could not have imagined.
It’s a dynamic, powerful practice.
Kundalini Yoga showed me that magic is real.

Yogi Bhajan: “I don’t believe in magic. I rely on magic.”

– Suitable for all body types and ages. No experience required. –

Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga

Life is all about balance.
Ha means the sun. Tha is the moon.
It’s the light of the day and the darkness of the night.
Together they represent the dualistic nature of manifestation.
In balancing the opposites, we’ll find peace.

The forces of Ha and Tha are connected to the two major nadis, with one in every nostril.
The aim of Hatha yoga is to balance our inner sun and moon.
Our inner male and female. Our inner light and darkness.
So, within ourselves, we’ll find the union back.

You know that feeling when you just had a good massage? Open, aligned and cared for.
The blood is flowing, energy radiating and muscles are relaxed.
You feel more space in your body. More space in your mind.
This is exactly how I feel after a Hatha yoga class.

To balance our being we work with asana’s (postures) for strengthening, balancing, and flexibility.
Pranamaya’s (breath) to get more life force energy in our system and to balance the gateway between our physical body and our energetic body and we practise mediation to focus and strengthen the mind.

– Suitable for all body types and ages. No experience required. –

Yin Yoga
Yin yoga forms a bridge between meditation and movement.
When my mind is restless and longing for silence but meditation feels impossible, I practise Yin.
Yin Yoga is a great way to guide my mind softly and comfortable back into her meditative nature.
In stillness of movement, we use our mind to relax our body and our body to relax our mind.

In Yin Yoga we hold poses for an extended time, from two to five minutes. This will open your body and mind gently and gradually. The poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues – the tendons, fascia, and ligaments – with the aim of increasing blood circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.
Yin Yoga improves organ health, immunity and emotional well-being.
Our body-mind system is completely integrated.
Old emotion are stored inside the joints.
By holding poses, we free these emotions.
So, it is possible that you suddenly feel angry or sad.
By bringing awareness to our emotions and giving them space instead of power, they will dissolve.
A Yin Yoga class will rejuvenate your mind and body and will let you experience deep relaxation.
Yin Yoga is a very healing and opening practise.

– Suitable for all body types and ages. No experience required. –

Mmm Meditation!

Meditation changed my life!
If I have a consistent daily meditation practise (even just 15 minutes a day)
I feel much lighter, more joyful and more open. There is more space in between my thoughts. And I catch negative thoughts more easily. In this way I can prevent the thoughts from becoming negative emotions. I am more connected with myself and the earth. Out of this centeredness it is easier to make choices, to know what I want. My concentration is better and I feel more energetic.

 Everybody can meditate.
The easiest thing about meditation is that you only have to do it. Whatever happens after is perfect. The most difficult thing about meditation is that you have to do it.
How does it work?

Meditation is not just sitting in silence and being in peace.
Just like we strengthen our body with physical exercise, we train the mind.
Meditation is learning to witness and accept what is there, so we can see again who we are.
We focus on observing the habits and patterns of the mind, so we are able to choose what we think.

There are many forms and techniques to guide you back into your natural meditative mind. Like dynamic meditation with movement or dance, focussing on breath or being guided by a mantra. There are thousands of them. There is no ideal form.
The ideal form is the one which suits your body and mind.
Everybody is able to meditate if you find the guidance and forms that fits you.
I investigated many forms and style, so I have a wide range of options,
to be able to choose the best one for you.

Energy Therapy

Do you feel like you can use a boost of energy to recharge yourself? Through energy healing one person can support the energy field of someone else. The giver takes this from the infinite realm and uses the body as a channel/a vessel.

Siddha Kundalini Healing is a combination of ancient yogic, tantric and shamanic practices. A healing session will remove negative energies, cleanse the chakras, recharge you with new light energy and activate your DNA. Each healing journey is different and has an effect on your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body. Most people experience a sense of new lightness, relaxation and inspiration. A session may remove emotional pain, lower stress levels and restore hormone balance. A unique crystal mandala will be created for each healing session to support this process.

Reiki energy is part of the Siddha Kundalini transmission. I’m initiated in both level 2 of Siddha Kundalini and Reiki. Let’s bring you back to more harmony and peace. First session on donation base!

Do you want to experience a session? Or do you have questions? I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 


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Practice in a group setting is often easier than to practice alone.
The group’s energy gives you more strength, concentration and motivation.
It amplifies the newly generated vibrations, which will be beneficial for all group members.
That’s why many people prefer to go to a class instead of practicing by themselves.
I’m often amazed by the power created when people are sharing a practice.
I have seen people transforming, held by the safe care of the group.
I have seen beautiful and real connections being formed.
I love practicing and teaching groups.

If you want to follow or organize a group yoga class, please contact me for more information. 

Personal Sadhana Design

Sadhana is Sanskrit for daily spiritual practice.
This can contain techniques and activities such as pranayama’s (mindful breathing),
meditation, yoga, chanting (singing), and/or something to read.
Any duration is possible.

When practiced daily your Sadhana will have the power to bring you back to the zero state (Sushumna); back to a connection with yourself and your inner world. A moment where you step out of the material world and into the subtle world of energy. Your personal practice creates a foundation in your life.
Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. A Sadhana can be very transformative and opening.

Consistency is the key to success.
So, your Sadhana has to be something that you like to do.
A Personal Sadhana Design has exactly the right elements and duration to be beneficial for you.
It needs to be accessible enough so that you will stick with it.
And challenging enough to stay with it.
The basis is always formed by your own intention,
related to something you want to change or receive in your life.
The number of meetings we have is also completely personal.
For some a personal training on a weekly or daily basis
for a certain time will be beneficial.
For others it’s nice to meet once,
just to start up.

Curious how your personal Sadhana will look?

Contact me

Business to Business

I love to be back working in the corporate world. The opportunity to share my newly gained ancient insights and wisdom. I worked for several years in the corporate world,
which was a great experience and often gave me joy.
I also experienced a period where I almost burned out.
This was the time when I started with mindfulness and yoga. 
Here I learned how to respond to stress and pressure in a much healthier way.
It was incredibly beneficial. I strongly believe in the power of mindfulness and yoga in the
cooperate world. It can prevent a lot of illness and will teach people how to have more joy in their work.

The sessions will be hands-on and down-to-earth.
You will learn practical techniques, which you can add directly to your work environment.
We will be discussing issues you face at work and searching for tools to guide yourself more smoothly through stressful situations. It will improve your communication with your work colleagues
and it will help you to balance your energy throughout a working day

Mindfulness is proven to be an effective prevention for many stress-based illnesses.
Mindfulness will teach you to recognize stress and how to deal with it in a constructive way.
You get better resilience to feedback and change. It makes it easier for the mind to handle more complex situations and to manage tasks. You will have more energy and power.
It has a positive effect on RSI, burn-out and stress.

We often work many hours in the same position. This can create stress on the body, which creates discomfort. In the long term it can even harm the body (RSI, or back pain for example). Some simple movements can make a big difference. Asana’s will improve your physical health, like stiff neck, shoulders, back and hips. It is accessible for everybody and no special clothing is needed.


The mind is directly connected to your breath. If you face stress, your breath will react automatically by becoming shorter and higher in the chest. Pranayama’s start with the breath to reverse this process and make the mind calmer.

Personal Sadhana Design

One-on-one coaching, where we create and practise a personal designed practise, suited to the exclusive needs and wishes of that individual. We will focus on stress reduction and personal growth.
Sessions are always relaxed and joyful. 

They can be given in groups, one-on-one, or a combination between those two.
Depending on your wishes and style of business, I offer a personal designed package. No experience, knowledge, special clothing or flexibility is needed.

Would you like to know my ideas for your business?

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Contact me for more information.

Contact me for more information.