Designed to Care


So grateful
to have traveled the world.
And to have journeyed deep within.
Emerged myself in the diversity of life.
Explored different universes and dimensions.

The more I discover, the more I understand that our home is a planet that bursts with potential.
Humans have unlimited possibilities. We can create anything we wish.
We are living in the paradise we are dreaming of.

But what about all the suffering on this earth?
Yes, we have wars, people living in poverty and so on.
But we are not burning in hell. The world is not lacking compassion.
Currently humans seem to face a lot of inner conflicts and restlessness.
These are reflected by the creation of the external conflicts.
 But beyond those, our fundamental nature is good.

Humans are beautiful beings, full of love, compassion and kindness.
Even our whole system, body & mind, are physically built this way.
If you help, care or give love to another living being,
your brain will release pleasure chemicals.
So, you literally get rewarded
by your own system.
We are designed
to care.

But sometimes it’s hard for people to care.
If there were periods in your life where you missed out on love,
you are carrying this as a pattern inside your subconscious mind.
You will have to break this pattern, or you will repeat it.

Repeating means that you will not be able to give the love and care you missed yourself,
to someone else. You become an example of ‘hurt people hurt’.
You can break this pattern by traveling inside,
where you’ll find you are able to change
these conditionings and patterns.
To enter the path of awareness
and self-love. This is also
known as clearing
old karma.

Breaking patterns is not always easy, but the reward is big.
 An abundance of love and care will get released within you
and sharing this will be joyful and effortless.
 The more humans who’ll reach this state,
 the more these positive vibrations will travel over the earth
and effect more and more people along the way.
This will be a true development
of the planet and
the human

To make this planet a heaven on earth, everyone has to take their own responsibility to break this cycle.

Together we will plant back the chopped trees on our holy land. Let the flowers in our heart blossom beautifully.

My intention and life purpose is to support this movement.

“From chasing to creating.
From pointing out to pointing in.
From frustration to freedom
Reclaim your power.
Let’s transform.”


Like some inspiration?



Like some inspiration?