My Story


As a successful freelancer, I was writing for public magazines and advertisement agencies, had assignments as marketing manager, event organizer and a school teacher. I was in my twenties and ‘making career’. I believed being successful in my career would bring me happiness.
And I worked very hard for this.

Until I found myself in a state where I was crying myself to sleep. Every night. I was drowning.
On 1 January 2011 I reached my breaking point. I looked at myself in the mirror and I asked
 what I wanted. I answered in a loud call that I wanted to change everything!
How could I change everything as quickly as possible?
I decided to buy a backpack and an airplane ticket,
to go and live with monks in a temple
in Thailand.

I always was very attracted to meditation.
As a young girl I tried to teach myself meditation
with the help of an old book I found in a second-hand bookshop.
 Reading what to do, closing my eyes, forgetting what I had read, searching in the book again…
 It didn’t really take me into meditation.

When the first signs of a burn out started to appear in 2008, mindfulness was just getting more ground in the Netherlands.
I then followed the eight week mindfulness training. I was fully dedicated to the program.
The change it brought was mind blowing. It improved my quality of life.
I was feeling lighter, happier and more connected to myself.
It was like I was coming home.

The more in-depth practice of mediation in the temple in Thailand was transformative.
The monks introduced me to my inner friend. I met amazing people.
I met a different world and a different me.
 I experienced freedom, space, light
and remembered how to breath.
The wisdom from the east
directly entered my heart.
Ever since this first travel,
I now live a nomadic lifestyle
while studying different teachings from the east.
 I explored the world of mediation, energy healing, crystal
 healing, different styles of yoga and attended many workshops.
I learned to express myself freely through dancing, singing and writing.
I learned that I love to sing and play the ukulele,
which I also love to do during
the yoga classes I teach.



Lilly, the waterlily, the lotus flower. A name given to me at birth by my parents. The flower which grows in every pond, no matter how dirty the water is. The flower that shines beautifully everywhere. 


Indra, means divine consciousness. My spiritual name given through the Kundalini lineage. It embodies the heaven and earth together, before the moment of separation. In Indra we can come back to our oneness.

Curious what meditation can do for you?

Curious what meditation can do for you?